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Chaotic Fury WoW - 3.3.5
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Chaotic Fury WoW WOTLK 3.3.5!
Experience a server developed from the most stable core up to date! It is 99.9% Bug-free and the same goes with all the spells!
It can support up to 1000 accounts without any lag issues and is on 24/7 [excluding company's unscheduled maintenance's!]
Every item can be acquired without any real money currency, and can be bought via item store or in-game with the honor specified for each item! However to keep the server going and not be cornered with fees causing us to make unnecessary price changes that will result into buying items with real money, please keep in mind that donating as much as possible will deliver you more features, updates, and enjoyment unlike most servers that everything is limited and can only be continued with donating!
The server has 3 realms, all WOTLK 3.3.5!
~Iced Diamond Instant 80 PvP~
~Dark Platinum Leveling x9~
~Fiery Crystal Twink 19 PvP~
Iced Diamond has everything needed for any player that wishes to feel the enjoyment of a lvl 80 Character.. With starting gears of 251 Level, your fully prepared character can start his journey either as PvP or PvE based! The vendors have every Item that was originally in the game and they are all so tidy, that a full geared character can be done within less than 5 minutes!
If perhaps something can't be found, a NPC right in front of the spawning location will answer every question about Item placement, and generally everything needed to know about how the Realm works!
Every Item will be acquired via Honor, to make everything easier and avoid any Pay 2 Win nonsense, as the owner of the server had as primary goal player's enjoyment, not ripping him off!
A Custom Fully functional Raid was developed that drops honor when looted via multiple complex systems all developed from Chaotic Fury WoW! It can also be solo-ed as the bosses do not stand in the way of the Elite creatures and are optional but have a really high Honor drop!
Tested multiple times, the battlegrounds are fully functional and await new players that wanna release their adrenaline towards each other! No matter which side is chosen, it is as balanced as the other!
Custom Godlike Sets were created and are also fully functional with no red question mark icons and can be enchanted, have the appearance of 60 and 70 level PvP Sets from Vanilla and TBC and are a bit stronger but always balanced to push one step further than the best! Those as well as all the Items can also be acquired via Honor!
A unique Event called Labyrinth Event was developed only on this server, that is basically a huge maze, and the contestants jump on their mounts and search for the GM that is hiding in one of the dead ends of the maze! The winner will receive astonishing rewards with no greed of any kind!
Fanctions can talk between each other, and can't be killed in their spawning locations, but can duel each other in a specified area listed in one of the many options the custom Teleporter has!
Those and much more are awaiting you in this very stable Realm! Join and you won't regret!
Dark Platinum is basically a Leveling only Realm that has instant flight paths to avoid unnecessary waiting, has a NPC that gives free supplies to make everything more enjoyable and last but not least, the quests were tested multiple times to provide as much less bugs as possible! Not much left to say about this one, but it's quality doesn't drop if the quantity is low!
Fiery Crystal is a Twink Instant 19 PvP Realm and like Iced Diamond, it provides Free Starting Gears and with Honor, the more Advanced ones can be bought!
Mount level requirement was reduced from 20 Level to 19 and the character can now ride mounts with 60% speed, completely eliminating the time consuming walk!
A special feature in this Realm is the ability to equip Legendary Weapons that were nerfed to meet the Level 19 requirements! They are very balanced and look spectacular on the Twink characters!
Lucky bags were also added, to try your luck and receive Twink Items far stronger than the Advanced ones sold by the vendors!
And this list is just a fraction of what awaits!
Make an account on chaoticfury-wow.de and set your realmlist to
set realmlist logon.chaoticfury-wow.de and you can then connect to the server!
Explore the website's features and please, remember to vote every 12 hours and if it's possible, donate for the Improvement of Our Server!

Server is tested every 30 minutes for availability

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