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2.4.3 Smolderforge INSTANT 70
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224 / 267
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127338 / 719979

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Processor: Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 3.4GHz quad
Memory: 32GB DDR3
Storage: 2x 120 GB SSD
Connection: 250 Mbps
Location: Roubaix, France

TrinityCore/OregonCore powered -- very stable, working well.

Smolderforge is a fun server dedicated to bringing an joyful experience to its members. Level 70 is instant once character is made. You start out with 100k gold, all spells auto-learned for you, max level skills, and everything in the mall you need to equip up with!

Progression is fun and easy. Play PvE/PvP and work your way into newer and better gear sets. The grind is fun and enjoyable as you play. Players who want to skip are able to do so via donating.

Unlike many servers, Smolderforge has a very dedicated community and staff team. The administrators are highly knowledgeable people which manage problems efficiently. The Game Masters handle tickets and problems within the game professionally. Our GMs that apply to be on staff have to go through lots of training and testing to be able to work for us. We remain hidden in-game to not take away from the experience. So all in all, we function very similar to the retail GMs.

Unlike servers that have character/account wipes because they have no idea what they're doing, all our design is made and scripted by us. We've have over 2 million characters that have NEVER been wiped! Over 7 years and still growing strong! If you're looking for dedication, a strong community, and a server you can finally rely on -- that's us!

Reputation: x3

Server is tested every 30 minutes for availability

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