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::Worlds of Wonder:: ÔÇó Blizzlike ÔÇó 5 years running!
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:: 3.3.5 WotLK :: Blizzlike :: Optional 5x rate and Flask of Exp :: Daily fixes :: Excellent custom features :: Currently recruiting new playerbase ::

At wonders we pride ourselves of our custom features and our community.

Tired of character wipes? Not on wonders, we still have chars from day one.
We've been up and running for more than 5 years and have no plans of stopping!

Tired of tank and spank? On wonders we carefully script and code instances.
Bosses cast spells and yell nasty things at you - we aim for blizzlike.

Custom Features
Tired of "customs" meaning a few random renamed items and a mall?
On wonders we love coding new ideas, and our customs list is long.
It includes:
***Dynamic Vendor***
- a system to replace the auction house. Fully automized, the vendors will price items as based on availability and demand.
- Started already before Blizzard thought it up, a guildbank with unlimited space reachable from any mailbox.
***PvE Honour***
- System in which you earn points by elite killing and questing which can be used to revive your friends or repair your gear, or even gain a last name!.
***PvP re-invented***
- Horde and Alliance play together and share guilds, but beware - war rages between the different pvp guilds!
If you join one, you may never consider yourself safe, even from your own faction.
(Not being in a guild or being in a PvE guild will keep you safe, if you so prefer.
***Custom profession***
- scavenging. Get something out of all those greys clogging up your bags.
***Rogue pickpocket***
- re-invented to offer an extra loot roll! No more old hankerchiefs!
***And much much more!**

Tired of little snotheads spamming global channel with profane garbage? Of not getting any help when needed?
Of being mocked and laughed at by those more experienced?
Not here. We pride ourselves of a truely great community full of wonderful people.
If you need help there will always be someone to lend a hand, give advice or offer their time.
Through wonders many great friendships have been forged.
People have up and left their countries to attend Wonders BBQs, moved across continents to be with loved ones and proven that digital friendships truely do carry through to real life.
Wonders is a safe and fun community for everyone, nomatter their age, and we look very much forward to meeting you!

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