Vote Cheaters  April 5
Some servers are cheating the votes in an extensive way. We are just coding the site in a way so cheating will no longer be possible in the future.That might take us some more time. Also we are taking care of the servers that have cheated heavily in the past.

Coder?  February 19
Hi Folks, is looking for a coder to team up with. If you are familiar with topsites, php, databases, css and these kind of things, we might have an interesting offer for you.

The site wants to restart and grow with a lot of new stuff.

Just send a mail to to get to know the details!

Registration Online Again  April 9
You are now able to register your own account on WOWSTATUS.NET. If you want to comment, rate or add a server, feel free to get you own account and take part in our community.

Account Management Online Again  April 5
The Account Management is working again.

Feel free to:

- add / edit your server
- change your password
- purchase Premium Status

Vote System Online  April 5
We have recoded the Vote System.
Please use the following links on your website:

Vote Link:
Vote Button:

Postback System is not working at the moment.